Roof Outlets

The Alutec Roof Outlet Range includes Spigot Outlets for Connection to Standard Pipework and Threaded Versions for Connection to Adaptors of Threaded Pipework.

Outlets for Specific Applications, such as Two Way, Car Park and Balcony Outlets also form part off our Extensive Range.

N.B. There is a lead time of 3 to 5 working days for these products.

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45 Degree Spigot Roof Outlet

45 Degree Spigot Roof Outlet

£200.82 inc VAT

£167.35 ex VAT

45 Degree Threaded Roof Outlet

45 Degree Threaded Roof Outlet

£289.18 inc VAT

£240.98 ex VAT

90 Degree Spigot Roof Outlet

90 Degree Spigot Roof Outlet

£152.60 inc VAT

£127.17 ex VAT

90 Degree Threaded Roof Outlet

90 Degree Threaded Roof Outlet

£157.44 inc VAT

£131.20 ex VAT

Vertical Spigot Roof Outlet

Vertical Spigot Roof Outlet

£103.86 inc VAT

£86.55 ex VAT

Vertical Threaded Roof Outlet

Vertical Threaded Roof Outlet

£171.13 inc VAT

£142.61 ex VAT

Roof Installation


The Alutec range of Roof Outlets consist of body assembly, clamping ring and a domed or flat grate. Designed for use with bituminous or multi-layer waterproofing membranes. These should be dressed into the outlet sump, the yellow clamping ring is then secured over the waterproofing layer with bolts provided, to prevent water ingress between waterproofing membrane and roof outlet. The grate acts as a guard against airborne debris from blocking the outlet.


The range is supplied with either a spigot or threaded outlet for connection to different materials. The spigotted versions are suitable for direct connection to 75mm/100mm/150mm I.D (82mm/ 110mm/160mm O.D) BS4514: 1983 PVCu pipework. To connect to the 50mm spigot version to 55mm BS5255: 1989 plastic pipework, use adaptor DRH5.

The spigot type outlets are also directly compatible with BS416/EN877 cast iron pipework.

The threaded outlets are directly compatible with steel pipework to BS1387: 1985. The threaded outlets can also be used with threaded adaptors if conversion to PVCu or cast iron pipework is required and a longer spigot is necessary, when casting in concrete for example.


Each outlet features a deep sump, which optimises hydraulic performance.

Optional Anti Vortex Fins, which increase flow performance, may be added to circular dome grates supplied with the roof outlets.


A planned maintenance programme is essential to maintain a trouble free roof drainage system. The frequency of periodical maintenance will depend on the nature of the building and its vulnerability to air borne debris.

Under normal conditions it is recommended that a roof be inspected at least once a year. Any accumulated debris on the roof or around the grate should be removed. Outlets should be individually inspected and checked to ensure all components are secure.