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Alutec Aluminium Gutter

Evolve is a new aluminium gutter and aluminium downpipe range developed by Marley Alutec. The standard finish is Heritage Black. This is textured and emulates the finish of both Cast Iron and Cast Aluminium products. Being manufactured in aluminium EVOLVE is one of the most sustainable systems available and has a life expectancy of 50 years or more.

Delivery on standard Half Round and Deepflow Half Round profile (Heritage Black) is 5 to 7 working days from receipt of order.

Box and Ogee profiles in Heritage Black are available in approximately 15 working days. Other EVOLVE profiles (PPC Colours) are also available within 15 working days in a range of 21 standard RAL colours (see below for more information). Hundreds of non standard colours are available to order.


A new aluminium gutter system developed by Alutec to meet the needs of property developers in the private and public sectors.

…with the environment in mind

Manufactured in aluminium, one of the few materials that can be infinitely recycled, whilst also being one of the most durable with a life expectancy of 50 years or more.

Alutec have made a substantial investment in the latest advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver Evolve, maximising efficiencies and reducing the carbon footprint of the product.

Evolve is one of the most sustainable and cost effective rainwater systems available in the UK today.

Features of the Evovle range include:

  • Evolve aluminium systems have a life expenctancy of 50 years or more.

  • Unique Jura joint (patent pending) makes jointing quick, straightforward and secure.

  • Polyester powder coated for hardwearing, fade resistant finish which will last the life time of the product.

  • Manufactured in an environmentally responsible way.

  • 21 standard colours.

  • Evolve is over 75% lighter than an equivalent cast iron system, making it easier to handle on site.

Please call our sales office for pricing information on additional colours available and we will be pleased to help.


Colours are reproduced for general guidance only, and vary greatly depending on monitor settings


FAQ s (Frequently asked questions)

Q: I am unsure of all the Evolve guttering parts I need, can you advise me?

A: Yes just call us  on 01354  661211 or email us at info@drainageonline.co.uk and our knowledgeable technical support staff will be happy to help.

Q: What is the life expectancy of the Alutec Evolve Aluminium Guttering and Downpipe System?

A: Up to 50 Years when maintained and installed as per the manufacturers instructions.

Q: How often should I maintain my Alutec Evolve Aluminium Guttering System?

A: You should maintain your system at least twice a year, preferably at the beginning of autumn and again in the spring by cleaning out any rainwater hopper heads, checking that joints and fixings are secure and checking that all gutters and downpipes are free from debris.

Q: How do I join my Alutec Evolve Aluminium Guttering System?

A: Marley Evolve uses a new method of jointing aluminium gutter, combining the simplicity of a rubber seal with the security of Alutec sealant. Sealant is simply applied in one thin bead into the central rib of the rubber seal. When the joint is snapped together it bonds the rubber seal to the gutter surface achieving a durable, thermally flexible and leak free joint.
Q: Do you have the full installation instructions for all Alutec Evolve Aluminium Guttering Systems?
A: Yes, if you scroll up the page you will see the full aluminium gutter installation guide in our Technical Downloads.
Q: Which gutters will work with which downpipes and what is the best system for my house?
A: A compatibility table is shown. Aesthetics and flow rate performance are the two key factors. Aesthetics is a personal choice, depending on the building design. Maximum flow rates for all three systems are also shown.
These are maximum flow rates and will depend on a number of variables. For a complete roof drainage calculation, just call us free on 0800 015 7550 or email us at info@drainageonline.co.uk and our knowledgable technical support staff will be happy to help.
The properties of aluminium - a sustainable material
  • Low whole life costs - compared to other materials
  • Infinitely recyclable - 75% of all the aluminium produced since 1888 is still in use today
  • Green energy - hydro electric or geo-thermal power accounts for 60% of processing requirements
Lightweight, strong and long-lasting
  • Aluminium is a very light metal, about 65% lighter than steel or cast iron. It has a very high strength to weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance. One of the oldest recorded uses of aluminium is the statue of Eros in London, cast in 1893.
Highly corrosion resistant
  • Aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide coating. Should the surface be damaged, the aluminium simply oxidises again to protect itself. Add a polyester powder coating to provide an attractive, durable and maintenance free finish. This is in contrast to steel, where galvanising only offers limited protection and cast iron, which requires regular repainting.
Infinitely recyclable
  • When the old Wembley Stadium (built in 1923) was demolished, 96% of the aluminium was recovered for recycling. Aluminium can be recycled again and again without loss of quality. The re-melting of aluminium requires little energy; it saves up to 95% of the energy required for primary aluminium production.
Responsible sourcing
  • Aluminium is the world’s third most abundant element. 97% of all bauxite mines in the world operate rehabilitation projects and two thirds of the employees are from the local community. The amount of electrical energy required to produce aluminium has dropped by 70% since the 1880’s and 50% of that electricity is provided from renewable green energy.


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