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Copper Gutter

Copper Guttering is now offered as a low cost easy to fit system. Two sizes of Ogee, Box and Half Round copper gutter profiles are available.

Copper guttering greatly enhances any property and is offered with a huge range of attractive accessories including hopper heads, rain chain, swiss outlets,as well as round and square downpipe.

Copper gutter is made in the UK to the highest possible standards and is a totally natural product that lasts virtually indefinitely.

Please note: Due to the peculiarites of delivering copper gutter and downpipes (cannot be stacked), all orders containing lengths of gutter or downpipes will incur a £70 plus VAT delivery charge. We will contact you to take payment for this amount once any order has been placed online.

Please allow approximately 14 working days for delivery

At Drainage Online We Offer Coppa Gutta the only UK manufacturer of copper guttering.

Our copper gutter rainwater systems have been designed so any competent DIY enthusiast or contractor can install them with no specialist tools required.
Why choose copper guttering?
  • Each of our three copper guttering profiles and copper downpipes are made from 0.6mm copper, which should give a material life in excess of 100 Years
  • Copper is the most eco-friendly guttering material available.
  • Approximately 60% of the material content used in the production of our copper guttering is from recycled copper.
  • Your new copper gutters will be virtually maintenance-free and will require no painting.
  • Copper guttering works as a natural biocide purifying the water to stop the build up of algae, making it the perfect partner for your rainwater harvesting system.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is copper guttering eco-friendly?

Yes. Copper is one of only a few materials that is fully sustainable being 100% recyclable and to date only 12% of the current known reserves have ever been mined with 90% of copper scrap being reused. No other metal, much less plastics, can come close to matching copper in this vital area. Copper is considered a green metal and not just for its colour.

How long is my copper guttering expected to last?

Once installed your copper gutter will last in excess of 100 years being extremely durable and resistant to corrosion in any atmosphere.

How do I maintain my copper gutter?

Your copper guttering will not require any painting or cleaning and virtually no maintenance. It is therefore particularly suited for areas that are difficult or dangerous to access after completion.

How do I install copper guttering?

Any tradesman or competent DIY enthusiast can install our copper rainwater systems quickly and with the minimum of effort simply using silicone sealant and pop rivets. Full fitting instructions can be downloaded from our Technical Downloads above.

Can I use copper guttering if I want to harvest my rainwater?

Yes. Copper is a wholly natural material present in and essential to all plants, animals and humans. Plants will actually grow better using rainwater, which has a balanced pH and is free of chemicals such as chlorine. Besides its high corrosion resistance and attractive appearance copper also acts as an algaecide and fungicide, keeping growths such as moss and lichens to a minimum with obvious benefits when it comes to guttering and water harvesting.
When should I expect my copper guttering go green?

It take approximately 15 - 20 years for your copper guttering to develop the green verdigris patina. If you cannot wait that long we have a solution that can be applied after installation that changes the copper green within a few hours. Click her for more info on the Verdigris Solution.

How will my copper guttering age?

Left to age naturally our copper guttering will start to mellow within weeks, changing through various shades of brown and bronze until eventually forming a protective green / blue patina, that will naturally repair itself and is unique to copper.
When will my copper gutter go green?
The time taken for the patina process to start depends on the location of your property, local weather conditions, distance from the sea and other forms of acidic pollution. Approximate aging process below.
        New Copper                 4 Months                        2 Years                         7 Years                       20 Years


Can I stop my copper guttering going green?
Eventually copper will always go green and we recommend that you do not coat the copper to try and keep it bright, as it is the continuous changing colour of the copper that protects it and stops any corrosion.
Can I rest a ladder against copper guttering?
No. Copper is a very lightweight material for ease of installation and has a very long life but could be dented by the pressure of a ladder resting against it.
Do I have to use copper screws to install copper guttering?

No. Stainless steel or brass screws can be used with copper. However if you are installing one of our hopper heads we recommend our copper screws as they will be seen.
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