How to choose the right Rainwater

There’s no getting away from it, choosing the right rainwater products can be mind-boggling, particularly for those that don’t have a huge amount of knowledge about above ground drainage – like most homeowners!

Read our fuss and jargon free guide below that is designed to help you choose the right type of rainwater for your property!

Guttering is not only an important consideration for protection of your roofline from water damage, it also plays a key part in the overall look of your home, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the correct rainwater brand and colour option to complement your home.

Step One – Choose the right capacity

Ensure you choose a gutter that offers the right capacity for your needs so that water can be managed away from your property efficiently.

Calculating the capacity can be done with a simple calculation:

Roof Plan Area x Roof Pitch Factor = required capacity

Once you have established the required capacity you can use the below table to work out the approximate size of the required guttering.


As a general rule larger roofs require a deeper gutter that carries more water capacity such as Deep Flow, ExtraFlo or ‘High Cap’ as commonly known. Small domestic homes with smaller roofs are generally ok to use standard guttering such as square, round or ogee styles. 

Step Two – Choose the Style

The look of rainwater systems is becoming increasingly important to a lot of homeowners, after all, it’ll be staying on your house for many years to come, and although it seems a long way up it is something you will see every day when returning home. 

You may choose to go for FloPlast, a uPVC guttering brand that is hugely popular for those looking for a low maintenance rainwater solution, or perhaps you want to maintain your period properties original features and are looking for Cast Iron Guttering. At Drainage Online we know that people have different styles and so we like to ensure we have something to offer everyone, view our full range of above ground drainage styles here.


Step Three – If you’re unsure, get a professional!

Whilst we’re always willing to give as much product and installation help as we can, we always advise that if you’re unsure of how to repair or install new gutter or downpipes get a professional in. It can be daunting and can often be perceived as more expensive but there is help out there to find the right installer for you.  If you don’t know any local rainwater fitters in your area simply search to find recommended, vetted and monitored trade providers!