Coppa Gutter

Coppa Gutter is manufactured in the UK and a 100% natural product. Hard wearing and long lasting, the products are not only low maintenance, but they are also easy to install. A in 3 different styles, Ogee, Half Round and Box Gutter, the Coppa Gutter is perfect for someone wanting to make a statement with their property.

Manufactured in 2.4m lengths, Coppa Gutter comes with a range of components including stop ends, corners, brackets, hopper heads, downpipes and everything else you need to complete the job. 

Please allow 10 working days for delivery on all Coppa products.

Please note that Copper Gutters and Downpipes cannot be stacked with other good, because of this all orders will incur a £70+ VAT delivery charge.

About Coppa Gutter

Coppa Gutter is part of the larger Metal Gutta Group based in Hampshire and work from a 15,000 sq ft factory that carries the very latest in innovative technology to produce their range of metal gutters. Manufactured from 100% copper with most of the parts being made in accordance with their ISO9001 certification, Coppa Gutter is a reliable choice for those that are perhaps looking for something a little different to the usual uPVC Guttering. 

Coppa Gutter Delivery Lead Times

All of our Coppa Gutter products come with an extended lead time of 2 weeks, this is due to the difficulties of stocking them within our depots. Due to the peculiarities of delivering copper gutters and downpipes (they cannot be stacked with any other goods) all orders containing downpipes will be palletised to prevent damage and will incur a £70+ VAT delivery charge. This charge will not be automatically applied to your order, and so we will contact you once the order has been placed to take the additional payment. 

Sizes, Colours & Finishes

The Coppa system is available in Box Gutter, Half Round and Ogee Gutter all of which have the unique look and feel of Copper. All of the Coppa Gutter profiles are available in a standard profile and a large profile.  

Benefits of Coppa Gutter

Eco Friendly

Coppa Gutter is an Eco Friendly above ground drainage solution. Manufactured from Copper, it is one of the very few materials left that is 100% recyclable – making Coppa Gutter a fantastic choice!

Extremely Durable

Coppa Gutter will last well in excess of 100 years thanks to it being extremely durable and resistant to corrosion in all atmospheres.

Easy to Install

Coppa Gutter is easy to install; any tradesman or competent DIY’er should be able to install the Coppa Gutter quickly and easily. Only silicone sealants and pop rivets should be required to complete the installation.

Low Maintenance

The beauty of Coppa Gutter is that it requires virtually no maintenance. Overtime (15-20 years) it will naturally gain the green look that copper naturally gets – this natural green coating is what gives the guttering it’s protection so it’s important that you don’t try to remove this.

Hints and Tips

  • Don't forget to order rivets (Sold in bags of 100);
    • Approximately 2 per joint of Half Round gutter / running outlet / corner / stop end
    • Approximately 4 per joint of Ogee or Box gutter / running outlet / corner / stop end
  • We supply silicone sealant for sealing joints and stop ends​
    • Approximate number of joins a tube will seal;
      • Standard Half Round - 32
      • Large Half Round - 20
      • Standard Box and Ogee - 16
      • Large Box and Ogee - 10
    • Required for stop ends too​
    • If you use your own Low Modulus Glazing Sealant we recommend you test it prior to installation
  • Half Round guttering does not require any joints for installing as the guttering has silicone applied, overlapped and riveted
  • Ogee and Box gutters require internal joints for the guttering / running outlets / corners
  • Downpipe connectors are only required if you cut the downpipe and want to use the offcuts