Inspection Chambers

We supply a range of Inspection Chambers (often referred to as Manholes) including Shallow inspection Chambers. Our Shallow Inspection chambers have 100mm connections and are used where the depth doesn’t exceed 600mm. Our regular Inspection Chambers are available with both 11mm or 160mm connections. All products are manufactured by industry leading brands including FloPlast and all available at competitive prices.


Access chamber, Inspection Chambers and Manholes 

Access chambers (often called shallow access chambers) are intended to provide simple access for cursory inspection and access for drain rods or other maintenance equipment. They are not intended to provide access for a maintenance operative and are generally not more than 600mm deep.
Inspection chambers (often abbreviated to IC and also wrongly called Manholes) are larger than access chambers, typically a minimum 450mm diameter. Again, they provide access for maintenance equipment, but tend to have more branches/spurs feeding into them and are often up to 1000mm deep. They can be up to 3m deep but after 1.2m they need to have their access at the top restricted. 
Manholes (MH) are the largest chambers providing access to a sewer or drain for maintenance equipment, and, in some cases, for operatives to enter the system itself. The minimum internal dimensions of a manhole are 600x900mm and they can be of any depth, although most modern manholes tend to be at least 1 metre deep with inspection chambers and access chambers used for shallower depths.