Flexseal Couplings

Manufactured using synthetic EPDM rubber, our Flexseal Couplings provide a universal solution for connecting pipes used in sewerage, drainage, plumbing and vent systems. Flexseal Couplings are fitted with two 1.4301 (304) stainless steel clamping bands and are suitable for use with plastic, clay, concrete, cast iron and steel pipes. Get in touch today for more information.

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Adaptor Couplings

£11.76 inc VAT

£9.80 ex VAT

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Clay to PVC Adaptor Couplings

£17.16 inc VAT

£14.30 ex VAT

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Drain Couplings

£6.82 inc VAT

£5.68 ex VAT

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£13.10 inc VAT

£10.92 ex VAT

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Plumbing Adaptor Couplings

£5.84 inc VAT

£4.87 ex VAT

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Flexseal Plumbing Straight Coupling

£6.13 inc VAT

£5.11 ex VAT

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Flexseal Standard Couplings

£19.20 inc VAT

£16.00 ex VAT

About Flexseal

Flexseal manufacture the most comprehensive range of fully approved low and non-pressure flexible couplings in the marketplace. Established in 1988, Flexseal have grown throughout the years, expanding internationally.


  • Durable design ensuring a high performance and reliable seal
  • Stainless steel shear band provides excellent resistance to heavy loads and shear forces
  • Reduces excavation work
  • Complies with WIS 4-41-01 (all public sewers for adoption)
  • Shear band ensures joint flexibility and pipe alignment
  • High performance sealing properties of the couplings eliminates need for grouting in most applications


  • Flexseal couplings have many applications in the construction, repair and mainenance of pipe systems
  • As a joint for plain ended pipes
  • Repair and maintenance of existing pipelines
  • Connecting short and cut lengths of pipe
  • Making post construction connections to an existing pipeline
  • Reconnection of laterals on renovated sewers
  • Introducing rocker pipes outside of manholes or structures


  • Flexseal Standard Couplings
    (100-620mm diameter)
  • Flexseal Standard Couplings are specifically designed to connect and repair pipelines of different materials or sizes used in sewerage, drainage and other underground applications.
  • Flexseal Large Diameter Standard Couplings
    (601-2100+ mm diameter)
    Manufactured to order to suit any outside pipe diameter - for sewerage, drainage and low pressure applications. Flexseal manufacture the biggest couplings in the world.
  • Flexseal Adaptor Couplings
    (35-420mm diameter)
    For connecting drainage pipes of differing materials and outside diameters.
  • Flexseal Chemical Couplings
    (100-400mm+ diameter)
    A chemically inert flexible coupling, providing a watertight drain and sewer pipe connection or repair.
  • Flexseal Bushes
    (11-2100mm diameter)
    Designed to be used with Flexseal standard couplings, bushes are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses that allow for the adaption between all pipe materials and types

Other sizes are available upon request. Please see the technical downloads for each product range for more information.

Flexseal Delivery Lead Times

Delivery for our Flexseal couplings is available with both express delivery (1-2 days) and standard delivery (3-5 days).