Why It Could Be Time To Upgrade Your Underground Drainage

Why is Underground Drainage so Important?

Even though you won’t be able to see it, underground drainage plays an incredibly important role in the disposal of water away from your property, which transports foul drainage and excess rainwater to a nearby disposal site or facility.

Not only is it important for preventing the areas around your home from flooding but is also needed to prevent the water from becoming contaminated.

Unless you specialise in this particular kind of underground plumbing, you might not be used to seeing underground drainage and as such, can look rather daunting and even confusing.

Fear not though, because here at Drainage Online we specialise in providing underground drainage to homeowners, businesses and more.

Do You Need to Upgrade?

Every situation is different and there are multiple factors that can play a part in deciding whether or not you need to upgrade your underground drainage systems.

People tend to upgrade their underground drainage if they start to notice strange odours or a build-up of excess water occurring in or around their homes, which would suggest a leaking pipe. However, there are a number of other instances, such as home renovations where underground drainage systems may need updating.

Types of Products Available

We stock everything that you may need to complete your job including Drainage Pipe, Gullies, Gully Covers, Inspection Chambers, Risers, Shallow Inspection Chambers, Flexseal Couplings, Non-Return Valves and much more.

Whether you are after a couple of lengths of pipe to repair your current leaking ones, or a roddable gully to help keep foul smells from returning to your property, we are sure we will have what you need to improve your underground drainage system.

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What Brands Do We Stock?

Here at Drainage Online, we stock a variety of underground drainage options, ranging from FloPlast’s and Pipelife’s high quality and reliable products, all the way through to the widely respected Brett Martin and Marley.

It is worth noting when conducting upgrades to your current underground drainage that you will likely need to find a system that is compatible with your current one.

All of the drainage brands that we stock are exceptional quality but choosing the wrong brand can cause issues and create completely avoidable problems, so it’s always worth making sure you know which brand you’re looking for in order to join to an existing pipe or part.

Whether you are after an entirely new inspection chamber, or you just need a length of pipe to fix a leak, we are able to offer compatible products for all of your drainage needs.

Fast And Efficient Service

We hold enormous stock of our most popular ranges of drainage products, which is reflected in our short lead times. For the majority of our fantastic range, including FloPlast, Brett Martin and Pipelife, orders are delivered only 1-2 days after receipt of order, however order before midday and we will despatch your order on our overnight service!

If you’re after a specific product that you can’t see listed, or just have a generic query about underground drainage, then feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to help make sure you get the right advice.

You can reach us either calling 01354 700853, or by emailing customerservice@drainageonline.co.uk for a quick and speedy response, Monday to Friday between 09:00-17:00.