Your Guide to Channel Drainage

Why Should I Know About Channel Drainage?

There is no denying that January has been a wet one, with there being various flood warnings up and down the UK, there is no time better than now to check that your channel drainage is in good working order.

Whether your current channel drainage is overflowing, rusted or just simply not up to the task anymore, we can offer you some of the easiest to install, best quality channel drainage on the market.

What is Channel Drainage?

Also referred to as a linear drainage channel, some people might not be aware that it is the continuous grates outside your home, running along the floor at the bottom of your driveway, in front of your garage or patio that provides a channel for surface runoff to collect and be properly drained into the ground, keeping excessive water well away from your home.

Channel drainage is particularly important for homes where there is a lot of concrete, tiling and other impermeable surfaces.

Which Channel Drainage is Suitable for me?

Understanding what type of channel drainage you need for your home is crucial, choosing a drainage solution which is not right for your property can cause serious issues and complications.

Depending on the type of surface, whether that be tarmac, concrete or block paving – we are able to offer something for everyone’s needs!

We stock the leading brands of channel drainage, all of which are specifically designed for a whole range of homes and commercial properties, ensuring that even during heavy rainfall, water will not cause issues at your property.

What do Drainage Online Stock?

At Drainage Online we stock all the leading brands in the world of channel drainage such as ACO from HexDrain, Linear from Manthorpe SmartDrain and Storm Drain Plus from Fernco. All available on short lead times around the UK!

Not only this, but all of the items we stock are fully certified, and CE marked to BS EN1433:2002. So you know you are going to receive only the best products from us, with industry standard certifications.

Contact us directly if you require more information on certain specifications.

Can I fit Channel Drainage Myself?

As with most repair or restoration jobs, we would always recommend getting a professional in to take a closer inspection at the job you have at hand, as they will be able to order your products with much less risk of choosing the wrong items, whilst also providing a top job.

If you are looking to replace your channel drainage as part of a DIY project, then yes you absolutely can fit channel drainage yourself. However, like with all building projects, an understanding of the products before fitting is essential to the success of the finished result.

For more information, why not chat to one of our friendly members of staff by ringing 01354 700853 for helpful advice, or for more complex issues, email our team with your query to, where we aim to get back to you inside 24 hours.