68mm Cast Effect Offset Bend 115mm

Brett Martin Cascade Cast Iron Style UPVC Cast Effect 68mm Fixed Downpipe 115mm Offset Bends Maintain the original Cast Iron Look.

Available in Classic Black, Oxford Blue, Olive Green, Graphite Grey, Sandstone, Anthracite Grey and Porcelain White.

Please note that all colours, apart from Classic Black, have a delivery lead time of 15 working days.

All colours listed above are available, even if the image is not shown.

Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
Classic Black BR2115CIB (S10284459S) Classic Black Brett Martin £18.83 inc VAT
£15.69 ex VAT
Oxford Blue BR2115CIBU (S10284594S) Oxford Blue Brett Martin £22.72 inc VAT
£18.93 ex VAT
Olive Green BR2115CIGN (S10284751S) Olive Green Brett Martin £22.72 inc VAT
£18.93 ex VAT
Graphite Grey BR2115CIGY (S10284908S) Graphite Grey Brett Martin £17.69 inc VAT
£14.74 ex VAT
Sandstone BR2115CISD (S10285065S) Sandstone Brett Martin £22.72 inc VAT
£18.93 ex VAT
Porcelain White BR2115CIWH (S10285222S) Porcelain White Brett Martin £22.72 inc VAT
£18.93 ex VAT
Anthracite Grey BR2115CIAG (S10510614S) Anthracite Grey Brett Martin £22.72 inc VAT
£18.93 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Brett Martin
Product Code: BR2115CI
Accreditation: BS EN 607:2004 & BS EN ISO 9001:2015
Material: uPVC
Offset Bend: 115mm
Profile: Round
Diameter: 68mm

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Delivery Information

Our delivery charge is £19.95 (inc VAT)

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