106mm Cast Effect Prostyle External Gutter Angle 150dg

Brett Martin's Cascade Cast Iron Style UPVC Cast Effect Prostyle External Gutter Angle 150 Degrees. BR88/150ECI.

 Available in Classic Black, Oxford Blue, Olive Green, Graphite Grey, Sandstone, Anthracite Grey and Porcelain White.

Please note that all colours, apart from Classic Black, have a delivery lead time of 15 working days.




Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
Classic Black BR088/150ECIB (S10284455S) Classic Black Brett Martin £25.14 inc VAT
£20.95 ex VAT
Anthracite Grey BR088/150ECIAG (BR088/150ECIAG) Anthracite Grey Brett Martin £30.36 inc VAT
£25.30 ex VAT
Oxford Blue BR088/150ECIBU (BR088/150ECIBU) Oxford Blue Brett Martin £30.36 inc VAT
£25.30 ex VAT
Olive Green BR088/150ECIGN (BR088/150ECIGN) Olive Green Brett Martin £30.36 inc VAT
£25.30 ex VAT
Graphite Grey BR088/150ECIGY (BR088/150ECIGY) Graphite Grey Brett Martin £30.36 inc VAT
£25.30 ex VAT
Sandstone BR088/150ECISD (BR088/150ECISD) Sandstone Brett Martin £30.36 inc VAT
£25.30 ex VAT
Porcelain White BR088/150ECIWH (BR088/150ECIWH) Porcelain White Brett Martin £30.36 inc VAT
£25.30 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Brett Martin
Product Code: BR88/150ECI
Accreditation: BS EN 607:2004 & BS EN ISO 9001:2015
Material: uPVC
Profile: Prostyle
Angle: 150 degrees

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Delivery Information

Our delivery charge is £19.95 (inc VAT)

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