Beaded Half Round Cast Iron Gutter

Beaded Half Round Cast Iron Gutter. Available in Primed and Painted Finishes (Black only), and in 4" (100mm), 4.5" (115mm), 5" (125mm) and 6" (150mm). Choose Your Size Below.

ow do i join my Beaded Half Round Cast Iron Gutter ?

Jointing with Gutter Jointing Kit HR0006

Suitable for use on Plain Half Round and Beaded Half Round gutter profiles, this kit is an efficient alternative to traditional jointing methods. The kit contains 10 EPDM rubber seals plus M6 x 25mm bolts, nuts and washers, suitable for 100mm, 115mm, 125mm, and 150mm gutter sizes.

Step 1.

Take the EPDM gasket and push the bolt from the inside of the gutter spigot and then through the gasket.


Step 2.

Line up the gutter and gasket with the socket of the next gutter/fitting and push the bolt through ready to accept the washer and nut.


Step 3.

Check the gasket is square and even between the two gutters and then tighten the nut and washer. Be careful not to over tighten as this may affect the joint or damage the gutter.


Step 4.

Finally use a craft knife to trim off any excess gasket rubber.