g46 Moulded Cast Iron Gutter

Hargreaves Classic Moulded g46 Cast Iron Guttering is available in both Primed and Painted Finishes (Black only). Choose your size below.

How do I join my g46 Moulded Gutter ?

Jointing Methods for Premier Gutters

The most popular way of jointing cast iron gutters is by using a low modulus silicone sealant or specialist rubberised bitumen gutter mastic. The sealant should be spread evenly within the gutter socket applying additional sealant around the jointing hole before placing the gutter spigot into the socket andcompressing both parts using M6 x 25mm corrosion resistant mushroom head bolts, ensuring the bolt head is on the inside of the gutter. The washer and nut should be lightly tightened from the underside of the gutter to allow excess sealant to be removed. Do not over tighten as this could result in gutter damage.

Note: If gutters have been cut, remove any loose filings immediately to ensure no discolouration/ rust marks on the paint surface. Also check that cut ends, bolts, nuts and any slight installation damage is made good with the appropriate primer and paint.