115mm Hi-Cap Deepflow Gutter Angle 135 Degrees RAH2

This FloPlast 115mm Hi-Cap Deepflow Gutter Angle is 135 degrees. Used to connect 2 gutter lengths together at an angle, such as a bay window or corner. The Hi-Cap system is ideal for large roof areas. Available in Black, White, Grey, Brown and Anthracite Grey.

Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
Black RAH2B (RAH2BL) Black Floplast £8.93 inc VAT
£7.44 ex VAT
White RAH2W (RAH2W) White FloPlast £8.93 inc VAT
£7.44 ex VAT
Brown RAH2BR (RAH2BR) Brown FloPlast £8.93 inc VAT
£7.44 ex VAT
Grey RAH2G (RAH2G) Grey FloPlast £8.93 inc VAT
£7.44 ex VAT
Anthracite Grey RAH2AG (RAH2A) Anthracite Grey FloPlast £8.93 inc VAT
£7.44 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Floplast
Product Code: RAH2
Accreditation: BS EN 607
Material: uPVC
Angle: 135 degrees

Floplast Hi-Cap Data Sheet

Floplast Installation Guide


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