Stay Strap

The Lindab Stay Strap is a helpful gutter accessory that gives added stability to gutter installations. Only necessary in areas with bad weather conditions – the strap connects to both the roof and the gutter, giving extra security.  

Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
Black STAGBK (S10561863S) Black Lindab £2.32 inc VAT
£1.93 ex VAT
Dark Grey STAGDG (S10537062S) Dark Grey Lindab £2.32 inc VAT
£1.93 ex VAT
Silver Metallic STAGSM (S10537064S) Silver Metallic Lindab £2.32 inc VAT
£1.93 ex VAT
Anthracite Metallic STAGAM (S10537058S) Anthracite Metallic Lindab £2.32 inc VAT
£1.93 ex VAT
Brown STAGBN (S10537059S) Brown Lindab £2.32 inc VAT
£1.93 ex VAT
Dark Red STAGDR (S10535921S) Dark Red Lindab £2.32 inc VAT
£1.93 ex VAT
Tile Red STAGTR (S10537065S) Tile Red Lindab £2.32 inc VAT
£1.93 ex VAT
Antique White STAGWT (S10537057S) Antique White Lindab £2.32 inc VAT
£1.93 ex VAT
Anthracite Grey ( 2-3 Weeks) STAGAG (S00003747S) Anthracite Grey ( 2-3 Weeks) Lindab £2.32 inc VAT
£1.93 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Lindab
Product Code: STAG
Accreditation: BS EN 612:2005
Material: Steel

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