Magestic Large Water Hopper

The Lindab Magestic Large Water Hopper measures 290mm high (plus 60mm socket) x 260mm deep. The Hopper features a square top with inverted pyramid sides. The Hopper is connected to the Downpipe where a direct gutter isn’t attached. Manufactured in galvanised steel with a magnesium zinc alloy coating.

Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
Magestic Galvanised 75mm Out... VATKL75MG (S10533594S) Magestic Galvanised 75mm Out... Lindab £58.88 inc VAT
£49.07 ex VAT
Magestic Galvanised 87mm Out... VATKL87MG (S10533595S) Magestic Galvanised 87mm Out... Lindab £58.88 inc VAT
£49.07 ex VAT
Magestic Galvanised 100mm Ou... VATKL100MG (S10533596S) Magestic Galvanised 100mm Ou... Lindab £58.88 inc VAT
£49.07 ex VAT
Magestic Galvanised 120mm Ou... VATKL120MG (S10555444S) Magestic Galvanised 120mm Ou... Lindab £58.88 inc VAT
£49.07 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Lindab
Accreditation: BS EN 612:2005
Material: Galvanised Steel
75mm, 87mm, 100mm, 120mm

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