Drainage Connector MRT

 Drainage connector for Lindab Rainline Downpipe (HD Polythene). Lindab MRT

**(Please select the Silver Metallic colour to match Galvanised products)**

For Connection to Underground Pipes With Other Dimensions (75mm, 87mm and 100mm)


Please note: All orders between £0-400 containing 3mtr lengths of gutter or downpipe, will incur a £60+VAT delivery charge.


All orders between £0-400 that contain just fittings for gutter or downpipe will incur £40+VAT.


Drainage Online will be in contact after the order is processed to take the additional delivery charge.


Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
Silver Metallic MRTSM (S10561645S) Silver Metallic Lindab £4.06 inc VAT
£3.38 ex VAT
Black MRTBK (S10561638S) Black Lindab £4.06 inc VAT
£3.38 ex VAT
Dark Grey MRTDG (S10561642S) Dark Grey Lindab £4.06 inc VAT
£3.38 ex VAT
Anthracite Metallic MRTAM (S10561637S) Anthracite Metallic Lindab £4.06 inc VAT
£3.38 ex VAT
Brown MRTBN (S10561639S) Brown Lindab £4.06 inc VAT
£3.38 ex VAT
Dark Red MRTDR (S10561643S) Dark Red Lindab £4.06 inc VAT
£3.38 ex VAT
White MRTWT (S10561647S) White Lindab £4.06 inc VAT
£3.38 ex VAT
Tile Red MRTTR (S10561646S) Tile Red Lindab £4.06 inc VAT
£3.38 ex VAT
Pine Green MRTPG (S10561644S) Pine Green £4.06 inc VAT
£3.38 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Lindab
Product Code: MRT
Accreditation: BS EN 612:2005
Material: Steel

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Lindab Rainwater Technical Guide

Delivery Information

Our delivery charge is £19.95 (inc VAT)

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