68mm Loose Pipe Socket

Marley manufactured the 68mm Circular Downpipe Loose Pipe Socket. The socket is used to connect two downpipe lengths together with a secure finish. Available to colour match the rest of the Marley systems, in Black, Brown, White, Grey and Anthracite Grey.

Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
Black RL25B (S10178254S) Black Marley £3.16 inc VAT
£2.63 ex VAT
Brown RL25BR (S10178255S) Brown Marley £3.16 inc VAT
£2.63 ex VAT
Grey RL25G (S10178256S) Grey Marley £3.16 inc VAT
£2.63 ex VAT
White RL25W (S10178257S) White Marley £3.16 inc VAT
£2.63 ex VAT
Anthracite Grey RL25AG (S00003816S) Anthracite Grey Marley £3.16 inc VAT
£2.63 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Marley
Product Code: RL25
Accreditation: BS EN 12200-1
Material: uPVC
Diameter: 68mm

Marley Installation Guide

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