40mm Push-Fit Knuckle Bend 90 Degrees

The Brett Martin 40mm Push Fit Waste Pipe Knuckle Bend is available as a 90 degree component, and is commonly used on waste systems where installation space is limited. The design does not affect the performance of redirecting waste water at a right angle, however swept bends are used more frequently where installation space is not an issue.

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Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
Black W927B (W927B) Black Brett Martin £2.22 inc VAT
£1.85 ex VAT
Grey W927G (W927G) Grey Brett Martin £2.22 inc VAT
£1.85 ex VAT
White W927W (W927W) White Brett Martin £2.22 inc VAT
£1.85 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Brett Martin
Accreditation: BS EN 1451
Material: Polypropylene
Diameter: 40mm
Angle:  90 degrees
Colour: White, Black, Brown and Grey

Brett Martin Waste Datasheet

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