100mm Cast Iron Push-Fit Boss Branch 87.5 Degrees

Manufactured by Hargreaves, the 100mm Traditional Express Cast Iron Soil Pipe Branch is designed with a 100mm socket that sits 87.5 degrees from the top socket, and a 2 inch boss that can be used to join additional waste pipes to the 100mm soil pipe system. Left, right and rear options are available for the boss outlet to suit all requirements. To install, simply apply lubricant to the fitting sockets and 'push-fit' the branch the plain ended 100mm soil pipes.

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Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
Boss on Back TX4039B (S10174190S) Boss on Back Hargreaves £78.62 inc VAT
£65.52 ex VAT
Boss on Left TX4039L (S10174191S) Boss on Left Hargreaves £78.62 inc VAT
£65.52 ex VAT
Boss on Right TX4039R (S10174192S) Boss on Right Hargreaves £78.62 inc VAT
£65.52 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Hargreaves
Accreditation: BS416
Material: Bitumen-coated Cast Iron
Pipe Diameter: 100mm
Branch Diameter: 100mm
Branch Angle: 87.5 degrees
Bosses: 1
Boss Diameter: 2 inches
Colour: Black

Hargreaves Traditional Express Datasheet

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