Plumbing Adaptor Couplings

The Flexseal Plumbing Adaptor Coupling is manufactured using high performance EPDM rubber, providing a watertight connection that is complemented by the standard grade 1.4301 (304) end clamps included with the coupling. Suitable for connecting together polypropylene, copper, cast iron and aluminium pipes for a wide range of sizes.

Download our EPDM Plumbing Range Datasheet for guidance on compatibility and specifications.

Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
24-28/30-34mm PAC0301 (PAC0301) 24-28/30-34mm Flexseal £5.84 inc VAT
£4.87 ex VAT
30-35/38-43mm PAC0431 (PAC0431) 30-35/38-43mm Flexseal £6.25 inc VAT
£5.21 ex VAT
38-43/48-56mm PAC0562 (PAC0562) 38-43/48-56mm Flexseal £7.04 inc VAT
£5.87 ex VAT
38-43/60-68mm PAC0682 (PAC0682) 38-43/60-68mm Flexseal £7.85 inc VAT
£6.54 ex VAT
48-56/82-92mm PAC0923 (PAC0923) 48-56/82-92mm Flexseal £16.06 inc VAT
£13.38 ex VAT
60-68/82-92mm PAC0924 (PAC0924) 60-68/82-92mm Flexseal £16.84 inc VAT
£14.03 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer:  Flexseal
Accreditation:  VA2.23/18397
Sleeve Material:  EPDM Synthetic Rubber
Clamping Band Material:  Stainless Steel
Diameter A: 24mm to 68mm
Diameter B: 30mm to 92mm

EPDM Plumbing Range Datasheet

Delivery Information

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