Fernco Standard Couplings

 The Fernco Standard Coupling is made from EN681-1 EPDM rubber, with Grade 1.4301 (304) end clamps and shearbands to ensure an air and water tight connection. This product will connect PVC pipe to Supersleve, vitrified clay, asbestos cement and pitch fibre pipes in systems with low pressure application of up to 1 bar.

Download the EPDM Plumbing Range Datasheet for technical guidance and compatibility.

Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
105mm-121mm SC120 (S10405658S) 105mm-121mm Fernco £20.74 inc VAT
£17.28 ex VAT
120mm-137mm SC137 (S10286619S) 120mm-137mm Fernco £21.60 inc VAT
£18.00 ex VAT
150mm-175mm SC175 (S10405660S) 150mm-175mm Fernco £32.57 inc VAT
£27.14 ex VAT
175mm-200mm SC200 (S10286621S) 175mm-200mm Fernco £35.58 inc VAT
£29.65 ex VAT
265mm-290mm SC290 (S10405662S) 265mm-290mm Fernco £44.12 inc VAT
£36.77 ex VAT
355mm-385mm SC385 (S10405663S) 355mm-385mm Fernco £57.71 inc VAT
£48.09 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer:  Fernco
Accreditation: WIS 4-41-01
Sleeve Material:  EPDM Synthetic Rubber
Clamping Band Material:  Stainless Steel
Diameter A: 121mm to 385mm
Diameter B: 105mm to 355mm

Standard Coupling Datasheet

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