Straight Coupling

Plasson Compression Water Pipe Coupler / Joiner.

Straight Coupler For MDPE Water Pipe available in 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 63mm and 90mm From Stock.

16mm, 40mm, 75mm, 110mm, 125mm and 160mm also available within 2 -3 days.

Plasson 7010

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Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
110mm 87010LL0 (S10182486S) 110mm £109.61 inc VAT
£91.34 ex VAT
16mm 7010BB0 (S10182216S) 16mm Plasson £3.17 inc VAT
£2.64 ex VAT
20mm 7010CC0 (S10182217S) 20mm Plasson £3.96 inc VAT
£3.30 ex VAT
25mm 7010DD0 (S10275634S) 25mm Plasson £4.22 inc VAT
£3.52 ex VAT
32mm 7010EE0 (S10275635S) 32mm Plasson £9.94 inc VAT
£8.28 ex VAT
40mm 7010FF0 (S10182220S) 40mm Plasson £21.10 inc VAT
£17.58 ex VAT
50mm 7010GG0 (S10182221S) 50mm Plasson £21.96 inc VAT
£18.30 ex VAT
63mm 7010HH0 (S10182222S) 63mm Plasson £32.09 inc VAT
£26.74 ex VAT
90mm 87010KK0 (S10182485S) 90mm £62.88 inc VAT
£52.40 ex VAT
125mm 7010MM0 (S10182223S) 125mm Plasson £263.03 inc VAT
£219.19 ex VAT
160mm 17010P0 (S10182203S) 160mm £250.92 inc VAT
£209.10 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer : Plasson

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