Is it time to update your gutters?


Let’s face it, 2020 and the first half of 2021 has been tough with the majority of the last 18 months spent in a national lockdown we’ve all had more time to focus on our homes – whether that be updating your garden, finally fixing that wobbly shelf or just having a good old clean.

One of the more important jobs that most people neglect or don’t even consider, is taking care of their rainwater systems, whether that be your newly fitted uPVC FloPlast or your Hargreaves Traditional Cast Iron Gutter, they all need the odd spot of TLC to ensure they maintain their outstanding quality.

Although we’re in the height of the British summer we’ve already had a few storms that have tested our rainwater system, so when the next fine day comes, here’s a checklist of how and why you need check your gutters.  

Overflowing Gutters

Did you noticed that your gutters were spilling out over the sides when it last rained heavily? That’s more than likely down to them being filled with leaves and debris, get some safe access equipment before they crack and require replacing. It’s so quick and easy to do, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before!

Sagging Gutters

Again, the cause of this is more than likely down to your gutters being filled with leaves and debris, so it’s important that you keep on top of cleaning them regularly.

In the case of sagging gutters, it could be a simple case of fitting a new gutter bracket, but be sure that you replace it with a like for like bracket or this could also cause you issues. We recommend fitting gutter brackets at 1000mm intervals.

At Drainage Online we stock a range of rainwater brands including FloPlast, Brett Martin, Alumasc, Lindab and many more! If you’re unsure which brand of guttering you have, simply send us a picture of the part you’re looking to replace to and we’ll try our best to identify and send a replacement as quickly as we can.

Check the positioning and condition of your downpipe

The positioning of your downpipe (along with your gutter) is so important in terms of the efficiency of your rainwater system and the overall health of your house, including it’s foundations.

If a downpipe is cracked and leaking it will lead to rising damp and other structural issues. Check that your downpipes are positioned to ensure the gutter is at maximum efficiency. Remember a gutter is only as efficient as the downpipe servicing it.

Also bear in mind that one downpipe should not be expected to drain more than 35 feet of gutter – this could result in your downpipe overworking and as a result failing and not redirecting water away from your walls properly.

The points above, are quick and easy checks for your rainwater system to ensure that they perform as they should, and protect your home! Whilst the above list doesn’t cover everything, it’s certainly a good place to start.

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