Land Drain Coupler

Manufactured by Naylor, the Land Drain Coupler is used to connect two sections of land drain pipe. 

There is no need to use sealant when fitting the Coupler due to it having a push fit connection on either end enabling an easy installation.

There are a variety of sizes to choose from below, depending on which size of pipes you wish to connect.

Price Options

Code Description Brand Price Qty  
60mm LDC60 (S10302573S) 60mm Naylor £2.24 inc VAT
£1.87 ex VAT
80mm LDC80 (S10302581S) 80mm Naylor £2.34 inc VAT
£1.95 ex VAT
100mm LDC100 (S10302591S) 100mm Naylor £2.87 inc VAT
£2.39 ex VAT
160mm LDC160 (S10302608S) 160mm Naylor £4.36 inc VAT
£3.63 ex VAT

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Naylor   
Product Code: LDC
Accreditation: N/A
Material: Plastics – Recycled
Length: 150mm
Width: 60mm/80mm/100mm/160mm

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