Why Choose Hargreaves Cast Iron Guttering?

Hargreaves Foundry (often referred to as just ‘Hargreaves’) are well known in the industry for providing quality Cast Iron above ground drainage goods.  With the average life expectancy of over 40 years it’s easy to see why genuine Cast Iron guttering is the perfect choice for so many.

At Drainage Online we offer Hargreaves Cast Iron gutters in various profiles including a beaded half round, deep half round, plain half round, box gutter, G46 Moulded, Notts Ogee and ‘standard’ Ogee. Along with our range of downpipes, which are available in a Round, Square and Rectangular profile and ornamental Cast Iron Hopper Heads.

Cast Iron

Why Choose Cast Iron Guttering?

As a material Cast Iron is known to be a strong, robust, durable and fire resistant material – none of this changes when used for the purpose of above ground drainage.

See below for just some of the reasons why Cast Iron is a fantastic rainwater material.


Often the main reason for homeowners choosing Cast Iron guttering is due to it’s superior strength. Capable of holding extraordinary weight is one of the main reasons it is so popular in areas that experience high snow fall and high winds such as Scotland.

Fire Resistant

Cast Iron is a non-combustible material meaning that in the event of a fire it will not contribute to the spread of flames and will not melt or drip causing further damage - just one of the reasons why public buildings such as schools,  hospitals and protected buildings generally use Cast Iron above ground drainage systems.   

Low Maintenance

There is a reason that Cast Iron is often referred to as the “Fit and Forget” material. Although we don’t recommend you completely forget about it, Cast Iron gutters do require very little maintenance with only an occasional wipe with a cloth and soapy water required.

Cost Effective

Thanks to the unrivalled life span of Hargreaves Cast Iron above ground drainage it is one of the most cost effective rainwater solutions that we offer, particularly when comparing to modern day materials such as uPVC.

Along with the extended life span of Cast Iron those that choose it for their rainwater systems will also gain savings as no extra support brackets, expansion joints or special bedding parts will be required, allowing you to save even more money!

And lastly, we can’t forget to mention about the authentic look Cast Iron gutters and downpipes can create. Many PVC-U gutter manufacturers try and mimic Cast Iron gutter, but none will match the aesthetics and longevity of the Hargreaves Cast Iron Gutter system. 

For more information about our range of Cast Iron guttering products please call us on 01254 286083 or email us at sales@drainageonline.co.uk so one of our team can help.